Saturday, 15 December 2012

Interfaith Hussain Day - Wali ul Asr

Wali ul Asr school - The first Shia High school in Canada held the Interfaith Hussain (s.a) Day on the 9th of December. It was an excellent evening with a great turn out.  Art work by numerous talented artists and students was on display and was appreciated by all. There was a theatrical play based on the theme 'Halmin Nasirin Yansurna' - 'Is there anyone to help'. The message of the play was loud and clear and made everyone present feel proud of being part of Wali ul Asr.
Below is a painting (not one of my best works, as it was done in 4 hours) that I submitted for the Art exhibition - The painting depicts me and my son on the land of Karbala - The message being that I have only my son to give to my Imam...and that is where I'm pointing - to the battlefield....and to be in His service will be my only advise to my boy. The 'alam' in the paintings reads 'Labbaik ya Hussain' - 'We are here, Oh Hussain'

Labbaik ya Hussain
Here is the link for the play. DO watch it with your family.

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