Tuesday, 18 March 2014

For Ali Mahdi - 'Piece of Paradise'

For Ali Mahdi - 'Piece of Paradise'
40 x 60 cms
Colouring pencils on white card


  1. it is honestly a piece of paradise.........the beauty of allah's creations has been captured here evry skillfully. great job

  2. ur welcome=D
    Just some words:

    Appreciating beauty for me is irresistible
    from a particle of dust to the birth of a butterfly
    all are full of beauty,

    from the moonlight to the breeze
    from flowers to bees
    all carry what I define as “exotic beauty”,

    when I see an artist capture
    this beauty in a painting
    showing appreciation for creation,

    or a writer capture
    the wonders seen by his eyes in words
    showing gratitude for nature,

    I can’t resist but appreciate
    I can’t stop but showing admiration
    of what their hands have written or painted.

  3. Thank you Aleeshajoon, for your kind, kind words of appreciation..
    Love n duas always.