Thursday, 19 September 2013


We don't know where to look anymore
We keep turning away
and furthermore,
we have the audacity to say,
"Ignorance is bliss....."
C'est la vie! mon cheri,
No use pursuing this!"

Bliss in Ignorance.
adopt this indifference
We've frozen our emotions...
Nothing clawing at our conscience..

steer clear
of bad news,
images of orphans and reds of myriad hues,
Look away.....
WE have nothing to do with it!!!
Why feel another's pain....
There's nothing to freakin' gain!!!!

We sit in the dark....
rocking ourselves,
trying to soothe our heart,
our souls and our minds...
Disunion tears them apart..........

"I'm sorry sweetheart!!
It don't work that way no more....
Stop pretending 
Face the dying roar"....
Jiminy Cricket* is here....
And he's gonna make you look -
 - don't fear

He's gonna make you cry and scream
He'll chirp all night long,
until in your dream
the souls of the dead haunt you, 
Screams come through
dear Lord! they cut through
your soul
until you awaken,
sobbing, broken
helpless.... to help the helpless,
confronting your worst nightmare
wringing your hands, grasping your hair

gasping for air



~Ambereena Razvi

*Jiminy Cricket: The liar's conscience (Pinocchio)