Monday, 3 January 2011

My iPhone - an extention of my hand... and brain

 Two years ago, my husband bought me an iPhone after I believe, he saw that the numbers were falling off of the dial pad of my N95....first the '8' fell, then the '5' fell, and then my expression fell..and before I knew it, an iPhone fell into my lap..I'm sure you know how great that feeling is...and the best part?? It's liberated!!! In case you're wondering what I mean by liberated, I mean 'jail broken'. I don't like the sound and feel of the word 'jail-broken' ...It sounds criminal... :) .Therefore I've taken the liberty to replace jail broken with liberated.

After installing 'Installous', I haven't stopped downloading and upgrading apps.... it's brilliant.. it's like I'm carrying my personal library, my game room, my palette and canvas (itsy bitsy canvas) and much much more with me at all times....Only now, I have more apps for my toddler (which I let him use only before bed time) that include 'Talking Carl, Larry, Tom, Robie the Robot, Bacteria called John ( I wonder why they'd name bacteria John), Santa and T-Rex.", 'volt', 'bubbles', nursery rhymes, and numerous other finger stimulated stuff.

What has my attention mostly are the art apps. like 'Brushes,Art Studio, Sketchbook, etc. iArt, made so famous by David Hockney, is definitely worth a try for progressive artists like me. As much as I tend to gravitate more towards the old school style of painting, preferring to get my hands dirty, digital Art is also worth the shot.

My very first attempt on my iPhone was an observation drawing of a wild bougainvillea growth behind a dark green fence in front of my parking space at work. So while waiting for the traffic to subside, I decided to try my hand... I mean finger at some iArt. I'd think it'd be pretty easy for me, someone who has been working with the many 'Adobe' software for so long, but damn, I wish I had smaller fingers?!! I won't be surprised if in the next century (ie. if the world doesn't come to an end in 2012) we humans might grow an extra digit on our hands to work with touch-screen technology!!
Here are some of the works I attempted mostly while waiting for traffic to subside or when I have nothing better to do.

Many more works coming up. Watch this space ;)

Moonlit cherry blossoms


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