Sunday, 9 October 2011

The run

I just got back from my 7am run. I ran past a tree on my way and the thought process began....

"Look how only a certain section of leaves on this tree have changed their colour from a monotonous green to beautiful shades of Autumn.... like they've been kissed by sun rays and have blushed.... like they are now 'falling' in love...only to be reborn again later.... a never ending process....We too are touched by many things (for lack of a better word) in our lives...the sun rays that touch us are sometimes soft, sometimes harsh...sometimes it hurts, sometimes is lifts us up.. either way, we are touched... and we evolve. it is up to us to evolve into something more beautiful, so as to inspire others... like this tree inspired me....."

Autumn touched
( I painted this after I came home from
my run)
this morning's inspiration

I ran past a lavender bush....growing on the outside of a fence, almost in the pedestrians/joggers path...My thought process continued....
"Many people might get annoyed when something like this bush gets in their might break their speed... their oblivious stance in life...There is a reason for that beautiful lavender bush to grow there...It's speaking to you. ...'Stop!..look around you....I am beauty....I am you...we are all connected... we are one..'. Tomorrow, someone might uproot that lavender bush....."

inspiration in my way......
I went past squirrels,..... so many of them.... Reminded me of us...only our basest of instincts are now the most important of all...Survival and reproduction.....not in that order.
We work endlessly, get in each others way, annoy each other, attack each other...and this is the disgusting truth....lesson learnt....

Our run in life is too fast...It is now all about competition...keeping up with the Joneses...Let's slow down....and enjoy what life has to offer each of us...instead of snatching from each other.

Nature is most definitely the best teacher.
Enjoy your day my friends.... and keep an open heart.
Much love.

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Friday, 7 October 2011

To my son - with love

Dear Son.

As tears stream down my face, I write these words for you. I love you so much.... and I miss you even more. Circumstances are such that you are not sitting in my lap with your little arms around me. Every second I spend away from you is like a stab in my already broken heart. You are the light of my life...and this seperation has dimmed my world.
I know that the sacrifices we, your parents, are making will pay off eventually... as the sacrifices my parents have made are paying off.
This seperation probably will not even be in your 2 year old memory... but is eating away my peace of mind.
IF you ever read this when you're older and hopefully, I will be by your side when you do, I will tell you all about our struggles and prepare you... and guide you, to guide your progeny....Your name isn't Ali Mahdi* for no reason, my love.... Inshallah, may you always be rightly guided.

Portrait of my baby boy
Graphite pencils
*Meaning of Mahdi - The rightly guided one.

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Bollywood - Black and White

So I'm back to practicing portraiture now. It's been quite some time and I'm really enjoying it. I figured that it would be best to draw well known faces. They are always around and tend to stay in ones mind.I, personally, find people from the black and white era of Bollywood to be extremely beautiful with highly expressive visages.
I'd picked up cheap graphite shading pencils from Sears, from the 'back to school' section and a thick sketch pad as well... I got down to it and couldn't stop.. I finished a portrait in about three hours. It's been fun. Can't wait to try out the dry brush technique though... Soon... :)

Meena Kumari
This tragedy queen had the softest, most sensitive face of all. She'd convey her feelings in silence, with downcast eyes and a philosophical frown.

Dilip Kumar
Dashing, debonair Dilip....One could easily sense the hopeless romantic under the egoistic facade.

She'd put Narcissus to shame...Her face was labelled the most symmetrical face of that age.I love her classic, Greco-roman features.

No words for this one...She had one of those faces people couldn't stop staring at. Perfect features and an endearing personality.

More coming up here...Watch this space..

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