Saturday, 29 December 2012

In the name of Nirbhaya......

Nirbhaya/ Amaanat/ Damini/ India's Daughter/Brave-heart:  All names given to a 23 year old Indian girl who was brutally gang raped /violated by 6 men. No point writing about the gruesome details here....If you Google her 'given' names, you'll find a plethora of detailed and articulate articles about her and the massive stir she has caused in the world, especially amongst the women.

I totally agree with the women in India...The 'woman' in Indian culture has been worshiped on one hand and looked down upon, violated and taken for granted on the other. The  dominating, self -proclaimed, patriarchal, hypocrite society of India has let down every single woman by ignoring her violators time and again....

A thousand women have been raped before 'Nirbhaya'.....A woman is raped every 22 minutes ..... and it took a Nirbhaya to die a horrifying, gruesome death to evoke a cry of 'ENOUGH' .. like a wounded animal from the women of India.

I am thoroughly depressed....

There is only one thing though, that I do not agree with...and this has nothing to do with Nirbhaya...It's a different topic altogether...

It's about what most of the young girls have said after this incident. ' every time we go out, we feel like we are a piece of meat' ' It doesn't matter what I wear, men have no right to look at us'.

I'm sorry ladies!! If women walk about wearing indecent clothes and expect illiterate men of poor upbringing(who make up most of the population) to look away and not stare....or eve-tease....or touch or worse, rape, they are asking for too much....the responsibility lies upon a woman's shoulders to dress modestly in order to be respected by all classes of men....if you are really desperate to ape the West and show off your lovely bodies, and still expect to be respected by every class of man, then I'm sorry, these are men... not zombies....and this is the East....not the West. Here, we nurture a woman's beauty and not expose it for all sorts to lech at.

I'm not judging Nirbhaya here....nor any other decent girl who was unfortunately raped....I'm only talking of the class of uneducated men who have been brought up in slum clusters, who are used to seeing their womenfolk work like dogs and come home to be beaten up by their fathers/husbands/brothers, their money blown away on cheap alcohol......Educated girls cannot expect any kind of sensitivity or respect from these slum bred men. It's too late..and impossible to 'sensitize' them or educate them about women and their rights.

Respect for a woman is taught from a young age, and these people are deprived of education, a proper upbringing, employment, health....They are a people drowned in different types of complexes who know they don't have power over anything. The only thing they think they can control are their women...They are a dangerous people.... with a dangerous mentality.

Therefore, a request to my fellow sisters, don't throw the responsibility of  'lowering the gaze' only on such men...We as women are already beautiful creatures....God has created us this way - BEAUTIFUL, ATTRACTIVE fully clothed, so what are you all trying to achieve by exposing your bodies or masking your natural beauty with make up? only attracts wrong attention and degrading remarks from such men ((sometimes)....if it happens to be at the wrong time/ wrong place).

It's just unfortunate that we have such disgusting, pathetic excuses for men within the government making comments like ' women are 'dented/painted'. It's shocking to hear such words from an educated man like Abhijeet Mukherjee. But that's my point....Most men from the East think like this....they can't help it.

May God protect all of us from men who have no control over themselves and their egos and hats off to those who stand by today's women in India and support them and fight for their rights.

Prophet Mohammed (s.a) said: " Nobody respects women but those who are dignified and generous and nobody insults them but those who are mean and contemptible".

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Interfaith Hussain Day - Wali ul Asr

Wali ul Asr school - The first Shia High school in Canada held the Interfaith Hussain (s.a) Day on the 9th of December. It was an excellent evening with a great turn out.  Art work by numerous talented artists and students was on display and was appreciated by all. There was a theatrical play based on the theme 'Halmin Nasirin Yansurna' - 'Is there anyone to help'. The message of the play was loud and clear and made everyone present feel proud of being part of Wali ul Asr.
Below is a painting (not one of my best works, as it was done in 4 hours) that I submitted for the Art exhibition - The painting depicts me and my son on the land of Karbala - The message being that I have only my son to give to my Imam...and that is where I'm pointing - to the battlefield....and to be in His service will be my only advise to my boy. The 'alam' in the paintings reads 'Labbaik ya Hussain' - 'We are here, Oh Hussain'

Labbaik ya Hussain
Here is the link for the play. DO watch it with your family.

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