Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I whirl

In a world of chaos,
I whirl.
finding peace inside
connecting, strengthening...

Amongst egos
I whirl

I raise my begging Him for mercy and love,
the other towards the earth...spreading this mercy and love.
I whirl.

Come whirl with me.
Feel the ecstasy
Shed the thick, stinking garb of your ego,
You have worn it too long....
Come and join me.

Let us reconnect again...
Become one as we were..
As we were meant to be.

~ Ambereena Razvi

Creative Commons License
This work by Ambereena Razvi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

This work by Ambereena Razvi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

South Asian Heritage Exhibition

So... this is my first group exhibition in Toronto. I'm looking forward to it...Also looking forward to meeting new folks and art aficionados.
To those living in Toronto, please do come. I would be so, so happy to see you there. To those out of Toronto, I will miss you and hope you can attend my next exhibition.

Update: The Exhibition went really great... Beautiful attendance, lovely people. Even my High School English teacher came!! My friends made it even better with their presence and loads of help. A Special Thank you to Mr. Fahim Hamid Ali for organising the exhibition and Salim Khan for helping me to transport and display my works alongside his.

'Come whirl with me'
with my besties... 'coz we're just way too cool. :p

with Samir Dossal - Art aficionado

Monday, 7 May 2012

C'est la vie!!

The time from August 1st 2011 until now has been very, very trying for me. I have seen pretty steep ups and downs, experienced emotional trauma, have gone through short stagnant phases that seem as long as eternity...I have withstood all this chaos and feel stronger........ because Allah has always enveloped me with love, has consoled me at night when I lie down with a broken heart, by putting me to sleep before I shed a tear and given me comforting dreams. He has loved me in my worst state and through it, has brought out my best state...

And then I heard this:

Asafalta gheray tujhe, marg  ho avirudh,
(When failure surrounds you, and your way with obstacles is strewn )
Paas na ho dhan teray aur karya ho apaar,
(When you have no wealth, and your goals seem unattainable)
Bhaag mat! kar prayaas, kar prayaas! bhaag mat 
(Don't run!, keep trying, Keep trying! Don't run.)

Chaahe tu hasna, kintu aankhay ho numm,
(You want to smile, but your eyes fill with tears)
Bhaag mat! kar prayaas, kar prayaas, bhaag mat
(Don't run! Keep trying, Keep trying! dont run)

Peeda hi sukh hai...Sukh  hi hai peeda...
(Pain is happiness, Happiness is pain)
Haar mein hi jeet hai, jeet mein hi haar, 
(In failure is sucess and sucess in failure)
kar prayaas bhaag mat, 
(Keep trying, dont run!
bhaag mat kar prayaas.
(Don't run, keep trying)

Amazing how God speaks to us in different ways, thru different people...

I met a very old Sardaarji on my way back to downtown from Brampton...I had my veil on. He sat next to me and said 'Asalaam alaikum  बेटा  (my child)'.. We started a conversation and he started telling me of his struggles in life....eventually to be left alone in the end.. He said ' बेटा , I have property and money but my children have left me'...Then he said....'No matter what  बेटा , रब को याद  करते रहो....उसे भूलो मत '(Always think of God.... Don't ever forget him). I knew that one was for me...a subtle reminder that Allah wants me to think of him constantly.

Allah, My true beloved....and my only beloved...You have put me in a realm of uncertainty, chaos and hurt. I mount the roller coaster everyday and come home tired on every level. But I still love you...Because I can feel you molding me....sculpting away the dirt....polishing away the impurities....In pain is happiness and in happiness is pain...I understand now.