Friday, 1 November 2013


It's time to move on to a higher level of consciousness,
Before stagnation sets in and we start to get restless

I can't help but think, how akin we are to trees- growing, shedding,
Sometimes standing strong, sometimes due to strong winds- bending, breaking...

Evolution is a constant, it cant be stopped,

for some it comes as an epiphany, while unfortunately,
some adopt

An ignorant stance in a world of oblivion,

and continue to live life like a chameleon,

changing their colours, changing their opinion,

No depth in their thinking - Ego's dominion,

Not progressing but regressing, insulting their intellect 

and their existence by showing continuous disrespect,

to the self and other's for lack of thought,

the lack of love and the lack of not

willing to see another's point of view,

but instead, focusing on their skin's hue,

his turban, her hijab, his kippah, her cross,

his beard, her stance never to toss,

her veil, her right, her identity,

What do you want? Can't you see?

Do you actually think you will succeed?

Oppression has always seen an end, indeed.

The right to BE cannot be taken,

Please try to understand and awaken,

Let it be Love that lives in your heart,

Squash your Ego, make a new start.

~Ambereena Razvi

(I wrote this in response to some nasty comments a young Sikh kid was subject to regarding his identity on a public forum. I cannot stand people with such rotten mentalities. This was written to shut them up.... and shut up they did!)

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